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With dimensions of 3.6 m x 18.0 m and “Roller Waves” of less than 0.08mm, NorthGlass Toughened Glass is the largest and highest quality heat treated glass available in the world. By making use of our parent company’ s unique tempering machines, anisotropies are maintained at

an absolute minimum, resulting in unparalleled levels of clarity. Northglass is a glass supplier who is committed to maintaining exceptionally highly standards of quality.

The strength and safety characteristics of Fully Toughened Glass are guaranteed by processing temperatures greater than 600 and a subsequent rapid cooling cycle.

NorthGlass Toughened Glass offers highest resistance to bending, impact loads, live loads and thermal shock. Fully toughened glass with its unique breakage pattern also ensures that the glass meets industry relevant safety characteristics.

NorthGlass Heat soak provides a decreased risk of spontaneous breakage as it is heat-soak tested for nickel-sulfide inclusions in accordance with appropriate standards.

FT : fully toughened

HS : heat strengthened

FTH : fully toughened and heat soak tested

Maximum Size: 

Flat Tempered: 3600mm x 18000mm
Curved Tempered: 3600mm(Arc length) x 18000mm

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