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  • 2018

    A holding subsidiary “Beijing North Glass Curtain Wall Technology Co., Ltd.” was established, which focus on the R&D, sales and service of high quality architectural glass.
  • 2017

    “NorthGlass” was recognized as one of China Famous Trademarks in China.NorthGlass successfully developed the bent glass tempering furnace to produce super-large size cylindrical tempered glass with arc length up to 8m and height up to 4m, as well as the full convection flat tempering furnace to produce flat tempered glass with glass length up to 20m, which provide broader design space to the architects.
  • 2016

    NorthGlass launched the industrial fund "NorthGlass Fund" together with Lianxun Capital, established a new company “Beijing North Glass SiNest Technology Co., Ltd.”, and took the first step into the field of environmentally- friendly building materials for prefabricated house.Luoyang NorthGlass Fan Company firstly adopted the advanced Tri-Variate Movement Theory into the design of centrifugal fan, successfully completed the task of providing the transformer cooling fan to China’s latest Renaissance EMU high speed trains with own national standard.
  • 2015

    A holding subsidiary “Shanghai North Glass Automation Technology Co., Ltd.” was established, which opens a new chapter of Industry 4.0 in glass deep processing industry in China.NorthGlass celebrated the 20th Anniversary and changed into the new logo.
  • 2014

    As NorthGlass subsidiary, Tianjin NorthGlass Industrial Technical Co., Ltd.signed the contract with the most famous electronics company in the world, to provide the special architecture structural glass to their new headquarters office building.
  • 2012

    A holding subsidiary “Tianjin North Glass Industrial Technical Co., Ltd.” was established with a total investment of 500 million RMB, which rapidly becomes one of the worldwide high quality architectural glass suppliers.
    NorthGlass went public at Shenzhen Stock Exchange, simply called as "NorthGlass Corp." with stock code 002613.
  • 2011

    NorthGlass went public at Shenzhen Stock Exchange, simply called as "NorthGlass Corp." with stock code 002613.
  • 2010

    NorthGlass successfully developed the first super-large bent glass tempering furnace, which can produce the bent tempered glass with size up to 18 meters height and 3.6 meters bent edge. This furnace pushes the world’s glass tempering technology to a new high level.
  • 2009

    The most famous electronics company in the world decided to build their Asian flagship retail store in Shanghai, and therefore started the cooperation with NorthGlass of supplying high quality architectural glass for totally 86 stores up to now.
  • 2008

    The first Low-E glass coating line independently developed by Shanghai North Glass Coating Technology Co., Ltd. was put into commercial production, which filled the blank of Chinese Low-E coating lines with commercial production.
  • 2007

    A holding subsidiary “Luoyang NorthGlass Taixin Fan Technology Ltd.” was established, which expands NorthGlass product scope into fan industry.
  • 2005

    A holding subsidiary “Shanghai North Glass Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.” was established.
  • 2004

    NorthGlass developed the new generation glass tempering furnace with "Super Flat & Spotless" technology, which changed the old knowledge that tempered glass must have inherent defects of recognizable iridescence and distortion and brought a new quality concept to worldwide tempered glass industry.
  • 1995

    “Luoyang North Glass Technology Co., Ltd.” was established.
  • 1994

    NorthGlass produced the first Made-in-China "Horizontal Roller Hearth Flat/Bent Glass Tempering Furnace".

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