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  • Product Introduction

Laminated Glass consists of multiple layers of glass laminated together with highly tear resistant interlayers. The choice of

interlayer depends on the application. Stiff interlayers are generally preferred for structural glass applications while softer interlayers

demonstrate advantages for noise reduction or in the event of bomb blast.

NorthGlass Laminated Glass can be laminated using float glass, heat strengthened or fully toughened glass. With a maximum

dimension of 3.6 m x 18.0 m or 4.0 m x 8.0 m, NorthGlass provides the largest laminated glass units in the world.

Maximum Size: 3600mm×18000mm

Minimum Size: 200mm×300mm

The representative cases of NorthGlass:

Abu Dhabi International Airport

Beijing Phoenix Center

Manchester City Hall

Bloomberg Building

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