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  • The New Generation of Basic Series ( B-Series )

    B-Series: Completely upgraded and reborn from NorthGlass’s classic B-series furnace, furnished with recently developed new “Temperature Control System” and “Basic Gapless Forced Convection System“, significantly improve the production efficiency and glass quality meanwhile reduce the energy consumption. It is an affordable choice for small & medium scale glass processors.
  • Advanced Series (A-Series)

    A-Series: Standardly furnished with “Intelligent Heating Control Module” and “Super Flat & Spotless technology”, optionally with “5G Gapless Forced Convection technology”, A-series tempering furnace can efficiently & stably temper almost all kinds of glass with minor optical distortion and slight iridescence. It is the most popular choice of glass tempering furnaces for all different scale glass processors.
  • Top Series (T-Series)

    T-Series: Equipped standard with “Finer Heating Control Partition” and “Intelligent Heating Control System based on glass Exit-temperature”, suitable to produce highest quality tempered glass at large-scale production with high efficiency and stability. It is the ideal choice of domestic & foreign leading glass processors for industrial upgrading.

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