NorthGlass Held the 2024 Managers' Working Meeting —— Workinging Together, Creating the Future
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NorthGlass Held the 2024 Managers' Working Meeting —— Workinging Together, Creating the Future

source:NorthGlass type:Company News date:2024-03-30


      On March 15th and 16th, 2024, NorthGlass held the managers' working meeting in Luoyang with the theme of "Working Together, Winning 2024!", aiming to summarize the achievements of the past year, analyze the current situation, and plan future development directions. More than 50 managers, including Mr. Gao Xueming, Chairman of NorthGlass and NorthGlass Light-Stone company, Mr. Gao Li, Vice Chairman and President of NorthGlass, Mr. Gao Qi, Vice President of NorthGlass, as well as the General Managers and functional department heads of various business units of NorthGlass, gathered together to discuss NorthGlass’ development strategy and discuss the future.

  In the past year, due to the unstable international political and economic situation and insufficient domestic effective demand, various industries have been greatly impacted. But under the leadership of the board of directors and the executive team, NorthGlass has steadily developed the market, and achieved a win-win situation both domestically and internationally.

  At the meeting, each business unit of NorthGlass reported on the operation, internal audit, brand promotion, human resources, and construction of high-end equipment industrial parks. The general managers of each business unit provided in-depth analysis on product innovation, research and development direction, market trends, marketing strategies, sales channels, and customer service. NorthGlass continues to emphasize innovation and is committed to satisfying customer demands and adapting to market changes. Each business unit has strengthened operational management, further enhancing the company's competitiveness by improving production efficiency and per capita output value. At the same time, NorthGlass has also increased its marketing efforts, enhancing the visibility and reputation in the industry through more extensive publicity and brand promotion activities. These efforts have enabled NorthGlass maintain a steady growth momentum in the fiercely competitive market.

  At the meeting, Mr. Gao Li, the President, proposed specific work goals and priorities for each business unit and conducted an in-depth analysis of market competition and the company's development direction, proposing to persistently carry out technological innovation, service improvement, quality improvement, cost tapping and marketing enhancement. He emphasized that only by constantly surpassing oneself and daring to explore new fields, can NorthGlass stand undefeated in the fierce market competition.

  Mr. Gao Xueming, the Chairman, delivered an important speech, emphasizing the importance of teamwork. He elaborated on the overall management of the deep processing glass business, emphasizing the necessity and urgency of overall management, and requiring the integration of the three major advantages of team, equipment, and management to achieve high quality, high requirements, and high efficiency. He emphasized that unity and cooperation are the key for NorthGlass staff to face challenges and achieve success. Finally, Mr. Gao Xueming fully agrees with the various work instructions and management suggestions proposed by the President, and demands that all business units conscientiously implement them and firmly move towards the goals.

  During the meeting, all participants also visited NorthGlass high-end equipment Industrial Park under construction. The spectacular park makes NorthGlass managers look forward to the future.

  This meeting not only summarized the work of the past year, but also pointed out the direction for future development. All NorthGlass staff will continue to uphold our original aspirations, move forward courageously, and work tirelessly for the vigorous development of the company with even more enthusiasm and firm confidence, jointly writing a new brilliant chapter for NorthGlass.

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