NorthGlass innovative design was stunning at Guangzhou Design Week
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NorthGlass innovative design was stunning at Guangzhou Design Week

source:NorthGlass type:Company News date:2023-12-18

From December 8 to 11, 2023, the annual Guangzhou Design Week was held at the PWTC Expo, International Procurement Center and Nan fung International Conference and Exhibition Center. With the theme of “Surprise AMAZE”, Design Week showed the infinite charm of design and art. On this stage full of creativity and inspiration, many exquisite products exhibited by NorthGlass have attracted great attention.

Design WeekDesign WeekDesign WeekNorthGlass has showed all glass stairs, large minus reflection landscape glass, “rainbow” glass table, “leopard” tea table, “kaleidoscope” tea table, “champagne” tea table, “paper crane” tea table, at the same time, Nike 001 “bubble glass” and “NorthGlass flower” 3D bent mirror glass, all these works with chic design have attracted audiences.

Design WeekIn particular, full glass structure staircase same as “Apple”, accurate to microns, arc length of bent glass escalator can be up to 8 meters, straight staircase can be up to 24 meters. The whole staircase was displayed in the specially arranged area, just like a beautiful art work.

Design WeekThe booth was carefully designed by Dai Kun, a famous architect and interior designer. The booth layout was ingenious, which attracted many interior designers, owners and web celebrities to visit.

Design WeekWith its unique innovative concept and unique designers, NorthGlass has successfully entered the popular booth of Guangzhou Design Week, highlighting the unique charm of its products.

In this period, NorthGlass has won the “Cotton Tree Design Award —— 2023 Craftsman Spirit Award” issued by the organizing committee. The Cotton Tree Design Award has unswervingly introduced many innovative and forward-looking design concepts and unique intelligent lifestyle into the Chinese consumer market, it has brought a significant influence in improving the quality of life of human settlements. The award was the organizing committee's affirmation of the innovative skills and craftsman spirit of NorthGlass.

Design Week

Design WeekThrough Guangzhou Design Week, an international platform, NorthGlass has demonstrated its ambitions in home and space design. This appearance has brought new inspiration to the terminal market and stimulated the public’s pursuit of quality products.

Design Week

Design Week

The unique innovative concept and high-quality products not only has made the audience feel the strength of NorthGlass as a leader in the deep-processing glass industry, but also has realized its commitment to consumers.

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