The Wangchao center: NorthGlass window reflects the Hangzhou skyline
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The Wangchao center: NorthGlass window reflects the Hangzhou skyline

source:NorthGlass type:Company News date:2024-06-12

As the landmark building in the core area of Hangzhou Qianjiang Century City, the Wangchao center shows the outstanding style of modern architecture due to its unique undulating outline. The 125,000-square-meter, 288-meter building embodies structural efficiency, sustainability and ability to respond to complex challenges in a streamlined design and is attention for its exquisite construction skills and quality material selection.

High-end materials from all over the world are gather here. The exquisite marble floors, cave stone walls, sculpture and landscape design are just like coming to the World Materials Expo. The 12-meter-metre-large, high-quality glass manufactured by NorthGlass looks like a window on this skyline to watch the Qiantang River rushing forward.


The ultimate pursuit of quality and technology

The project of Wangchao Center adopts the 12-meter large double SGP laminated IGU Low-E glass manufactured by NorthGlass. It is equipped with three layers of ultra-white SGP glass ribs, which not only has excellent thermal insulation performance, but also can effectively block ultraviolet rays, providing sufficient light and comfortable indoor environment.

In order to fit the overall shape of the building, the four large glass curtain wall leans outwards, so requirements of stack difference, flatness of the side and coincidence between the glass are extremely high. NorthGlass ensures that the quality of each piece of glass reaches extremely high standards.


A model of integrating nature and city

Looking up from the Qiantang River, Hangzhou Wangchao center is like a unique lighthouse. The designer combines the unique outline of the building with the ripples of the undulating hills around the tea garden and the ripples of the West Lake. Eight giant corner columns rise from the ground, and the rolling architectural outline is not only an important part of the expression of the architectural form, but also an effective structural solution.


Create a convenient and beautiful public space

The project of Wangchao Center also creates a convenient public space. The transparent design allows people to flow around the core of the building, and the large amenities floor at the top provides space for parties and events, and a panoramic view of the city.

With its excellent products and exquisite craftsmanship, NorthGlass not only provides a transparent and beautiful lobby facade for the center, but also helps this landmark building become a bright pearl on the skyline of Qiantang River.

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